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a higher calling,Newark 2005

attitude, Asheville, 2011

family, West Palm Beach 2012

body builders, W.Palm Beach 2011

Brevard, NC 2017

war protest, Lake Worth 2003

flea market, Fletcher, NC 2016

Pritchard Park, Asheville, 2011

dogface, West Palm Beach 2004

lesbian couple, Lake Worth 2013

Snow White, San Francisco 2003

low Ceiling, Asheville 2011

Lucky Cafe, Sacramento2013

posessed, Dade County 2010

on the BART, San Francisco 2013

moment of truth, DFW 2004

farmers market, tBrevard, NC 2016

girls with lolipops, Lake Worth 2013

woman shading eyes, San Francisco 2003

MOMA rooftop, San Francisco 2003