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photos taken between 1966-1999

Haverhill, MA 1977

Eugene OR, 1978

dog house, Austin 1967

Ducktown, TN, 1974

West Palm Beach, 1973

Dubuque 1973

Delray Beach 1979

off to the sea, Lake Worth 1974

West Palm Beach 1979

couple, Austin 1967

Warren, NH 1976

West Palm Beach 1974

13 Buttons, Nashville 1973

Family, Lake Worth, 1974

Curtis Fish, Cherokee, NC, 1974

Glendora, W. Palm Beach 1972

Bel Air, Merida, The Yucatan 1983

Fatherhood, West Palm Beach 1979

on the Fence, Lancaster, Wisconsin 1973

Street Corner, W. Palm Beach 1972

Haverhill, MA 1974

West Palm Beach 1873

grave concern, Danbury, CT 1974

hi five, Rye, NY 1974

peep show, Miami Beach, 1988

Lake Worth Flea Market, 1978

ritual, Disneyworld 1973

man poking a crab with a flip flop, Key Largo 1973

Harry Britton, Fifth Avenue, NYC 1974

fashion faux pas, West Palm Beach 1980

someplace in the heartland, August 1973

Sausage Ladies, Lancaster WI, 1973

bus rider, West Palm Beach, 1979

a day at the zoo, West Palm Beach, 1974

we don't play, W. Palm Beach 1973

window shopping, Austin 1968

eye contact, Austin 1969

young man, W. Palm Beach 1973

zig zag, West Palm Beach 1973

zookeeper, West Palm Beach 1974