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Garry Winogrand

Country Photography Workshop (click for bigger)
L to R: Winogrand, ?, Jill Grossman, Me, Bill Cottman, Mike Pretzer, Peter Gold

In 1973 I was fortunate enough to take a week-long workshop with Garry Winogrand. It was at the Country Photography Workshop in Woodman, Wisconsin. His point of view of what a photograph actually is, is bizarre, yet infinitely true. Light on surface. Period. We would go out shooting to the small towns in central Wisconsin, Prarie Du Chien, Dodgeville, Lancaster...come back and process our film and make prints, then critique the work after a family style country dinner. It was a great period of growth for me and the train ride there and back was an adventure in itself. When he died in 1984 Winogrand left behind thousands of rolls of undeveloped film, and thousands of unedited contact sheets.
This 1982 interview with Bill Moyer offers some insight into the personality of the photographer and his views on what photography is and is not.

interview part 2

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